Tuesday, December 1, 2009


CRC ERROR in downloads from MEDIAFIRE is a common problem to the download links. Sometimes NO MATTER how many times you download the parts of RAR files. The CRC ERROR still pops up and annoyingly disrupts the decompression of files. This is due to the fact that MEDIAFIRE often corrupts the files uploaded and is not due to the fault of the uploader. However this problem could be resolved using the REPAIR ARCHIVE option from WINRAR. Read more from this article to view the tutorial.

YOU MUST HAVE WINRAR installed to repair damaged archives. get it from: http://rarlab.com

1. First download the file with all the parts from your download link.
2. Put all the parts in the same folder to avoid confusion.

3. Right Click any of the file ( in this case *.part1) and choose EXTRACT HERE

4. A new window will appear showing the extraction of the archive.

5. If there is a damaged archive a diagnostic window from WINRAR will appear. Wait until the extraction is completed and take note of the corrupted archives in the list. In this particular case part2 and part3 is corrupted. Press Close.

6. Now that we know the archives that are damaged it is time to repair them. Double click the corrupted part to open them in winrar. On WINRAR press alt+r or click tools>repair archive.

7. Choose the correct archive type and save the repaired archive to the same folder of the old files. (e.g. D:/New Folder). Press OK

8. Wait until the recovery is finished and click close. You could now also close winrar.

9. A new file will appear on the folder you specified named as "fixed.filename.part*".

10. Now, delete the old file that you have repaired.

11. Rename the new file and delete the affixed "fixed." on its file name.

12. Try to extract the file again as in procedure #1. If there is still a corrupted part REPEAT the same procedure to the other damaged archive part.

14. Congratulations! You can now extract the archive successfully.


Nadine said...

wouldn't work for me :(
Mine's prob is also the unexpected end file thingy. I hate this I downloaded all day then I get that error :(

Brylle said...

same thing happened to me when i downloaded socom ftb3.... part 13 of the game was corrupt or something.. it said "unexpected end of archive".. i hate it when ur downloads wont work...hmmm

Alex said...

Yesterday I extracted my rar files and saw an crc error at extracting. I didn't know what to do then. But luckily a friend called me up and recommended me - how to repair winrar files. It helped me very rapidly and free of charge as I bore in mind. Besides it helped my aunt and she thanked me a lot.

Anonymous said...

tnx.this is great help.

Anonymous said...

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